At our Philadelphia PA office location we offer three of the latest technologies for all our Philadelphia patients & their family and friends. We offer to our Philadelphia PA patients near our office the traditional LASIK procedure using scanning slit technology visions are mostly 20/20 in 90% of our patients from Philadelphia PA and some Obtain 20/15 visions in 30% of our patients. With Custom laser because its more precision , most of our Philadelphia PA Custom patients get sharper visions than their fellow Philadelphia family and friends having traditional treatment. With custom treatments, Over 95% of our Custom Philadelphia PA patients obtain 20/20 vision and with a fair percentage at 50% obtaining 20/15 vision. With wavefront technology, Most patients from Philadelphia PA get this laser in our Philadelphia PA office as it is the newest and latest laser beam technology. It provides to our Philadelphia PA patients the SHARPEST visions Dr. Columbus has ever given to his Philadelphia PA patients with over 98% obtaining 20/20 & 70% obtaining 20/15 visions!
If You are interested and from the Philadelphia like most of our other patients and have questions about the different laser technologies, feel free to call us at 1-866-600-3937. Its that EASY!