After finishing his eye residency at Nassau County medical center, Dr. Columbus did a cornea fellowship in Manhattan NY at Cornell Medical center. There he performed many eye exams on patients from Manhattan NY. He was involved in the FDA LTK laser study being conducted at his fellowship obtaining preoperative and postoperative eye exam data for those residents of Manhattan NY having LTK performed. He also was involved in the assistance and pre and post-operative care of Manhattan NY patients having LASIK. He was trained by prestigious world renowned eye surgeons at his Manhattan NY training program. He also gave LASIK seminars to many Manhattan NY patients educating them about the benefits of laser vision correction. He also oversaw and taught fellow Manhattan residents the management and care of general ophthalmology patients. He also assisted in cornea transplantation surgery to Manhattan patients as well as their post-operative care. With this vast experience in laser vision correction and patient care at his fellowship in Manhattan, Dr Columbus is able to provide the nesseccary skills to ensure best outcomes of vsion in his Manhattan NY patients!