Some of our Manhattan patients from dry eyes and patients as well not having LASIK. One of the treatments for dry eyes other than artificial tears is the usage of omega 3 fish oil pills. The fish oil act like a supplement to the eyes to control dryness in some of Manhattan NY patients. It works by providing a more lipid oily layer on the outer tear film. With this extra oil layer in addition to the one the eye makes, our Manhattan NY patients have less dryness symptoms such as burning, tearing, blurriness and fluctuation in vision. It keeps the natural tears from evaporating quickly into the atmosphere and provides our Manhattan NY patients with a more stable tear film to control chronic dry eyes. Most of our Manhattan NY patients see a difference in 2 weeks with the Best results in 1-2 months. Results may vary but most of our Manhattan NY patients notice a benefit. The dosage is easy usually 1000mg a day for mild dryness up to 3000 mg a day for moderate/severe dryness for our Manhattan NY patients. Side effects are minimal with a minor small percentage having gastric indigestion. Overrall Fish oil supplements can provide cardiovascular protection, control cholesterol levels, and many other benefits!