While Dr. Columbus was in Manhattan NY at Cornell Medical Center in his eye fellowship he was involved with the FDA study for a revolutionary new procedure called LTK. With LTK a small circular ring of laser spots is placed in a circular fashion outside the center of the visual axis. This circular ring of spots created a “belt tightening constriction” almost like squeezing a balloon creating a steepening effect of the cornea. This steepening effect made our farsighted Manhattan NY patients see very clear for distance, intermediate and sometimes near thus eliminating their bifocals. The procedure was very safe and easy for our Manhattan NY patients: the procedure easy a fast one second treatment! Most of our Manhattan NY patients saw clearly immediately right after the one second treatment with the best vision in one month. Dr. Columbus in his early years of his practice performed LTK with his patients who were happy with their results. With the advent of laser vision correction to correct farsightedness, Dr. Columbus no longer performs this LTK procedure but was one of the best and safest procedures to correct ones vision!
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