Dry eyes scan sometimes be chronic for the typical patient from Manhattan NY. It can be associated with contact lens intolerance due to discomfort or after laser vision correction. Dry eye is associated with chronic dry eyes in some of our routine Manhattan NY patients suffering from chronic dry eye. Standard treatment has been sometimes artificial tears and punctal plugs. sometime this therapy is not enough for our Manhattan NY patients to resolve their dry eye symptoms. A new eyedrop on the market is the breakthrough medicine called Restasis. With Restasis it is just taken twice a day and has a long-lasting effect to improve our Manhattan NY patients dryness with satisfaction. Restasis fights chronic dry eyes in our Manhattan NY patients by controlling inflammation of the eyes which causes the dry eye symptoms of blurry vision or discomfort. It makes our Manhattan NY patients feel more comfortable with contact lenses and less blurriness and clearer vision after laser vision correction. To see if Restasis is right for your chronic dry eye, have a consultation with one of our physicians