Some of our Manhattan NY patients may experience some dryness that is temporary after theie LASIK procedure. Most dry eye inn our Manhattan NY patients occurs in the first three months after LASIK. Some dyness can be more prominent in the winter with no humidity & dry air in MANhattan that time of year. Tretment sytandardly includes the usage of artificial tears instillation in the eyes for the first few several months and then as needed thereafterwards as the dryness resolves in our Manhattan NY patients. A supplement to tears is the usage of punctal plugs to enhance moisture accumulation in the eyes of our Manhattan NY patients. The plug is made of collagen material that is inserted in the lacrimal drain of the lower eyelid to cause occlusion of the patency of the drain thus providing more moisture in the eyes of our Manhattan NY surgical patients. The instillation of the plug is not surgery and is simple and comfort-free which only takes a couple of seconds to insert with a numbing drop in the eye before ones exam room before your surgery