Some of our LASIK patients in Manhattan NY may experience some mild discomfort from dry eyes all though very rarely and not that often. A new eye drop trademarked as Xiidra and advertised as “eye love” by actress Jennifer Aniston helps reduce or eliminates one’s discomfort from dry eyes. If our LASIK Manhattan NY patients experience chronic burning, Xiidra is very effective at reducing or eliminating the symptoms quickly! Our Manhattan NY patients usually note a mild improvement in as short as 2 weeks with the best results in 6-12 weeks. There are minimal side effects such as burning temporarily for a few seconds and some mild temporary blurriness for our Manhattan NY patients. It works by reducing chronic inflammation associated with dry eye. Dr. Columbus enjoys prescribing this new medication to his Manhattan NY patients as it is the only eye drop on the market to treat discomfort scores with dryness. Also it improves one’s dryness on Dr. Columbus’s eye exams of his Manhattan NY patients with improved or resolved dryness signs called SPK or superficial punctate dryness which is a typical finding on our Manhaatan NJ patients if they experience dry eyes.