The LASIK market for laser vision correction was established in 1996 with FDA approval. The prices of Manhattan LASIK has been expensive to thousands of patients in the $6000 to $8000 range, The expensive fees are for certain reasons:
1) Laser facility fees are charged to the Manhattan LASIK patient. This fee is in addition to the surgeon fee which can be as high as $!000 for the physician to use a corporate or private LASIK practice if the surgeon does not own his own laser or surgical equipment. At our Center we have no Access fees so we can pass this savings onto our patients with a MORE AFFORDABLE PRICE than other surgeons and LASIK Centers.
2) Some LASIK centers charge also the Manhattan NY patient a co-management fee in the price charged to the patient. In this case you may see another physician usually an optometrist that is not affiliated with the LASIK practice. This doctor usually does your post-operative care and exams over a course of a year. The LASIK centers usually pay these doctors up to a $1000 dollars to take care of the post LASIK patients. At our centers, we are ALL IN HOUSE with our own Optometrists trained to take care of your new sight with LASIK. Our Manhattan NY patients can have these saings passed onto them bu our affordable prices which elimiantate these co-management fees.