Many of our Manhattan NY patients are over 40 years old and suffer reading problems as well as blurry vision for distance. Many of our Manhattan NY patients use bifocals to correct the blurriness at all ranges. those of our Manhattan NY patients that use contact lenses for distance need reading glasses full time to perform near activity. At this time we do not have an effective laser vision correction procedure to provide to our Manhattan NY patients. If our Manhattan patients have this aging problem called presbyopia, they will require reading glasses full time after LASIK. Some of our Manhattan NY patients however have the option to do monovision LASIK to preserve the near vision as well as distance vision thus eliminating reading as well as distance glasses. Although not everyone enjoys monovision, A certain percentage of our Manhattan NY patients can acclimate to it. With monovision LASIK. The domianant eye is made for distance and the non-dominant eye made for near. If tolerated, all our monovision Manhattan LASIK patients enjoy the freedom of clearer vision without bifocals!