For years, Dr Columbus has been perforfimg cataract, glaucoma and retinal exams on veterans during his training at stoneybroook long Island NY. His compasssion to his devotion to his patients is unsurpasssed. He was recognized by his training atttendings as one of the best residents serving veterans. At The VA helth care Dr Columbus did mostly ctaract surgery helping thousands of patients regain their vision. Most of his patients were happy with him they waited to have their other eye done until Dr. Columbus returned for his second rotation. He is a firm believer in making the blind seee again. He also mastered glaucoma surgery in helping thousands of people keep going from blind from this eye dreadeded disease. The blind reallly apppreciated Dr. Columbus maintaining what little vision they had left to maintain a decent quality of life. He also did diabetic laser to keep people from going blind from diabetes. Dr Columbus has strong humanitarian skillls to make him one of the most compassionate doctors in the world