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Traditional LASIK

$999 per eye

Correct vision with precision and accuracy.

Wavefront LASIK

$1,449 per eye

Better outcomes of 20/20 with greater accuracy.

Contoura LASIK

$1,849 per eye

Over 65% achieve 20/15.

One SINGLE Lasik Price for ALL Prescriptions!

Lasik Harrisburg, York, lancaster, Reading, State College, Lewisburg, Wyomissing, Hanover PA

Harrisburg LASIK center was our third location founded in 2002. We have served thousands of patients in the Harrisburg PA region with a strong word of mouth referal from numerous happy patients. We have a diverse population of heritage of patients including Amish and Mennonite who like for their work & daily activities. Harrisburg LASIK has broadened to LASIK York, Lancaster, Reading, Wyomissing, Lewisburg, Sunbury, Hanover, and State College over the past 15 years with our physician referral network with eye physicians, and internal medicine & family practice centers. With our broad area providing LASIK we have become the leading LASIK center in PA

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Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5am
Address: 4626 Street Road Trevose / Feasterville, PA 19053