About Dr. Columbus Performing Corneal Transplants for Visual Disorders in his Training

For corneal diseases, one cannot seee due to damage of their eye. Dr. Columbus spent a year corneal fellowship helping thousands of people see better with corneal trasnplantation. Directed by Sandra Belmont, Dr columbus learned his skillls in management of corneal transplants. Here he made the blind see better again and was very grateful work

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About Dr. Columbus Performing Pediatric Eye Exams in his Training

Dr Columbus performed pediatric eye training at Nasssau County medical center. There he measured infants and children for routine glassses. He also treated strabismus with the skillls of Elsa Rahn M.D. performing muscle eye surgery and patching to keep infants from going blind. Dr Columbus was a dedicated resident whose skillls were nurtured for the

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About Dr. Columbus Performing Eye Exams & Eye Surgery on our Military Veteran Patients in his Training

For years, Dr Columbus has been perforfimg cataract, glaucoma and retinal exams on veterans during his training at stoneybroook long Island NY. His compasssion to his devotion to his patients is unsurpasssed. He was recognized by his training atttendings as one of the best residents serving veterans. At The VA helth care Dr Columbus did

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Dr Columbus’s Passion to become a Doctor

Dr Columbus as a child had an interest in pursuing becoming a doctor to help and care for other people. Now he offers his helpful and kind services to the many thousands of people in Manhattan with LASIK vision correction. Manhattan new yorkers like the kindness and compassion of Dr Columbus and his professional bedside

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Etiology of Farsightedness & Treatment Options

The etiology of farsightedness is due to three things occurring both in eye shape and lens thickness. Many of our Manhattan patients are Farsighted. The etiology of onset in our Manhattan patients is usually the early forties where they need reading glasses. Our Manhattan patients later in their 50-60 years of age have the blur

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The Raindrop Corneal Inlay: How it Works

The raindrop corneal inlay is a new procedure to correct reading vision disorders. With this technology, it will reduce or eliminate one's dependency on reading glasses. The aging reading problem is called presbyopia and onset in 40's ages and worsens as one gets older. With this procedure most patients are happy with their new found

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Etiology of Presbyopia & Treatment Options

The aging problem called presbyopia effects millions of people worldwide. Most need visual aides to correct their near vision to see clearly for close up to correct one's near vision. The near blurriness usually starts 40's years of age and worsens with age. There are several methods with surgery to resolve the need for reading

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“High Definition” Vision with Wavefront LASIK

Many of our Manhattan NYC patients are excited to have the latest laser vision correction called wavefront procedures. Our Manhattan NYC patients mostly to have wavefront due not only to it's popularity but also due to its effectiveness and efficacy to get the sharpest visions with LASI> Most of our Manhattan patients now see clearly

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The Comparision of Distance & Near Vision Results with Corneal Inlays vs. Monovision LASIK

There are different surgical techniques to address one's near difficulties with the need for reading glasses. Traditional surgery with laser vision correction with LASIK with monovision. With monovision, the patients dominant eye is made for distance and the non dominant eye made for reading by leaving some prescription to make one nearsightedness. A newer procedure

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