Lasik Eye Surgery Selinsgrove PA

At The Columbus Laser and Vision Institute, we have been offering LASIK eye surgery to many people from the Selinsgrove PA region. Dr. Columbus has performed many of his family members and friends who reside in the Selinsgrove PA area.

His patients enjoyhis practice as it is a family business without a corporate feel to it with many compassionate and caring doctors at the lasik center.

Our patients from Selinsgrove PA say Doctor Columbus has changed their lives forever and LASIK is the best thing and decision to have done! Our Harrigburg PA office is only 40 minutes from Selinsgrove PA.

If you are a Selinsgrove PA resident and would like to experience this “lifestyle” vision changing experience with LASIK, feel free to call our office at 1-866-600-3937 to schedule a consultation or apply online. Its that simple!