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Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is an eye surgery which corrects the shape of cornea with laser. It is the most effective surgery that is used to cure myopia (nearsightedness), hypermyopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (an irregular eye shape that causes blurry vision).

PRK surgery is the best option for those who have higher risk of eye injury. It is better than any other form of eye surgery be it LASIK. However, results of both the surgeries are almost the same. Lasik takes a few days to show up the proper result, whereas, PRK takes about a month. As prescribed by surgeons, it is considered as much safer than lasik and it lasts long.

What is PRK Eye Surgery?

It is a type of refractive surgery. This kind of surgery uses a laser to treat vision problems caused by refractive errors. You have a refractive error when your eye does not refract light properly. In this procedure, the top layer of cornea is removed. It is the original form of laser surgery practiced by surgeons from over 20 years. Like every other procedure, this also uses local Anesthesia, so patients do not feel any kind of pain during the entire process.

Although PRK surgery is expensive than Lasik surgery, its effects are more noticeable. The difference between both surgeries is approx $1200. Lasik surgery ranges between $1000- $2600 per eye and on the other hand, PRK ranges from $2000-$4000 for both eyes. Results of PRK are much better than the normal lasik surgery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PRK Eye Surgery:

Like every coin has two faces, there are both disadvantages and advantages of PRK surgery as well:

  • Long history of success
  • No flap created during surgery
  • Small chance of long-term complications
  • High rate of success


  • Long recovery
  • Requires bandages that need to be removed
  • Mild discomfort

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About Dr. Columbus

Dr. Bill, as he is affectionately known, is the founder and surgical director at Columbus LASIK Vision. He received his Bachelor’s Degree at Scranton University and his medical degree at Penn State University Medical Center where he also performed his internal medicine internship. He then spent three years at Nassau County Medical Center training in Ophthalmology. Shortly after finishing at Nassau county, he began his cornea and refractive fellowship at the prestigious Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan. Dr. Columbus has demonstrated his commitment to excellence with over 25,000 corrective eye procedures.