Custom Lasik

Laser vision correction using the WaveLight system employs advanced technology to generate a “map” of each unique eye, enabling your surgeon to perform a more personalized and more effective procedure. This treatment is tailored specifically to your eyes achieving the best possible results for you.The procedure is similar to traditional LASIK, with one notable addition: custom LASIK™ makes use of the wavefront analyzer, a machine that takes a picture of and analyzes the shape of patients’ eyes. The device produces a sophisticated picture of the eye’s “fingerprint,” or the unique way in which light passes through each individual’s cornea; the wavefront measurement obtained is 25 percent more precise than standard measurements.

The wavefront analyzer also detects imperfections, or higher-order aberrations, tiny irregularities that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. These imperfections are usually linked to the glare or halos many people experience when wearing glasses or contact lenses. With custom cornea treatments, doctors are able to measure and treat these irregularities and reduce the risk of glare, halos, and night vision problems.

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