Terms of Service

Columbus Lasik Vision operates a website located at columbuslasikvision.com. On this website, all the news and updates about the institution are uploaded and updated daily. The website is open to the general public.

Users of the website are required to type the kind of services they need. The website has a virtual assistant that users can reach out to for any help.

Guests to the website are referred to as users, while the host institution resources are referred to the website.

The following are the General Terms and Conditions that the Users must accept and comply with to access the website:


The website is open to all users. However, at the discretion of Columbus Lasik Vision, some areas of the website may be private. When accessing these private areas, the website will need users to create an account with the institution at the portal, which will disclose details. While creating an account, the website will avail registration form at the portal. The registration link can only be used once by each user. The details availed at the registration form may be used at the clinic during official visits, identified using a unique registration code given to the user upon complete registration.


The General Terms and Conditions are open to amendment by Columbus Lasik Vision at their discretion. Any changes will, however, be made public on the website for the users to access. In addition, all the amendments made will be posted on the website alongside the date of effect.

General Rules for Users

  1. The user credentials must be kept private always. I.e. Password and username. The user must not reveal their credentials to any third party, including staff at Columbus Lasik Vision.
  2. The user must provide accurate details about themselves, including their names, ID numbers, and telephone contacts. Any account revealed to be created from untrue credentials will be closed immediately.
  3. All transactions shall be made open for inspection by the company experts. Any malicious attempt to corrupt the website data will see immediate action by the authorities.
  4. The website will reject any information copied from other websites. There shall be no copying, printing or forwarding any data or information from and to the Columbus Lasik Vision website.
  5. Each user will ensure that their account is safe and that they agree to all the set terms and conditions of service provided at the website.


The above general terms and conditions will govern all specific terms of service at the website. Columbus Lasik Vision will not be responsible for breach of any of the above terms by the user. The user shall be fully liable for any effects that occur due to their misuse of the website.


The users shall be responsible for getting their equipment at the website, including computers and the internet.

Compliance with the law

All the users shall comply with the applicable laws of the land that are relevant to the website access and use.

Information posted on the website

The user shall ensure that the information they post on the site shall;

  • Not infringe with the rights of third parties
  • Not violate any applicable laws
  • Not be obscene or indecent

Terms and Termination

The duration of use of the website is unlimited. The users can register and also terminate their accounts at free will. The user will be required to write via mail to Columbus Lasik Vision on such accounts.

Governing Law

User registration and the General Terms and Conditions set forth herein shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Philadelphia, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

User Agreement

The user reads and understands all the general terms and conditions guidelines and agrees to abide by them.