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LASIK Financing & Insurance Plans:

Columbus LASIK Vision accepts most insurance plans for full or partial reimbursement for laser eye surgery. Please consult your health plan to answer any questions you may have regarding coverage for LASIK surgery.
Below you will also find additional information and helpful links to other resources that can give you more information or provide financial assistance for laser vision correction.

• National Vision Administrators, LLC (NVA):

This program offers discounted pricing to NVA subscribers and their dependents, allowing them to obtain affordable laser vision correction services.

EyeMed Vision Care:

This company provides members with the greatest network access to laser vision correction centers through the U.S. Laser Network. They are also part of the LCA-Vision’s quality network of laser vision providers. Many membership plans through EyeMed offer discounted rates on LASIK and PRK procedures at any U.S. Laser Network provider.


Millions of Americans can enjoy partial or full coverage for their eye surgery thanks to this insurance provider.


To find out if your treatment may be covered by insurance, contact Aetna.

QualSight LASIK:

As the nation’s largest LASIK manager, this group serves approximately 90 million members.

VSP Vision Care:

This insurance serves over 79 million Americans.


Beneficiaries can receive regular pricing for LASIK and PRK treatments through the U.S. Laser Network or receive five percent off of promotional pricing.

LCA Vision Network:

As part of the National LASIK Network, members can save up to 25% off their LASIK procedure.

Davis Vision:

Visit their website to review your benefits and explore your coverage options.

Our office staff will help you determine insurance coverage, file claim/ reimbursement forms, and arrange out-of-pocket payment options.

Who is Eligible for Benefits?

If you are unsure what your insurance plan offers in benefits for laser eye surgery, you must consult your health plan.
You may also be able to use an FSA (flexible spending plan) or HSA (health savings account) to pay for your eye surgery.
The following groups of folks listed below may also be eligible for financial assistance for corrective eye surgery.

• Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF)
• Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education
• UPMC Health Plan
• Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance (PCI)
• Teamsters
• Pennsylvania State Police and Police Academy
• Fire Fighters Union
• BlueCross Blue Shield (BCBS) Federal Employee Program
• Lowe’s Employees
• United Airlines Employees
• Penn State Employees: Employees who are enrolled in the institution’s health insurance program have access to numerous wellness benefits through a program called Blue365. Additional benefits include discounts on LASIK eye surgery.
• Public Service Personnel: If you are a firefighter, police officer, emergency medical technician, paramedic, nurse, military personnel, veteran, or teacher who wants to undergo vision correction surgery, contact our office to learn more about your benefits.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA):

Flexible spending accounts and flexible benefits programs are offered by employers to employees to offset medical expenses. These programs allow employees to set aside earned, pre-tax dollars to pay for medical care such as LASIK and PRK.
We suggest taking advantage of your flexible spending account if you have one by setting aside a few dollars from each paycheck for virtually tax-free vision correction.

Our financing plans include:

• No money down
• No interest payments for 6,12,18 months
• Payments as low as $1 to $2 per day

We will review all of our affordable financing options with you during your initial consultation. Most types of credit are accepted, and you can be qualified in just a few minutes.

Wells Fargo Health Advantage

Patients who prefer to finance their surgery through a third-party lender can apply for the Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card. Among the benefits of this service are the easy online payment portal and a revolving line of credit to use on future medical expenses.

CareCredit Financing.

CareCredit is also a third-party lender which offers flexible financing terms and low-interest payment for patients. CareCredit allows you to make payments online and access your account easily.

Tax Benefits:

Depending on your filing status, vision correction may be a legitimate tax deduction. You can consult your tax professional for more information. Additionally, a tax refund is an excellent opportunity to invest in your vision, reduce your need for corrective eyewear, and improve your quality of life.

For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards. This is the preferred payment option for many patients who are rewarded with miles, points, or low-interest rates each time they spend.

At Columbus LASIK Vision, we want every patient to have access to corrective eye surgery and begin enjoying a life without glasses or contacts!

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