Notice of Privacy Practices

Columbus Lasik Vision understands the sensitivity of your personal health information, and we are obliged to protect that information. Through your eye consultants in Columbus Lasik Vision, we generate a case history of the healthcare services we give you. We create this record to meet legal requirements and provide you with the best quality care. The law protects the privacy of the medical information we get from you.

This Notice describes to what specifications we may use or disclose our patients’ personal medical information. It reports on how the information can get accessed, and our patient rights.

This health information will not be used or disclosed to others without our patient’s authorization except as the law requires and as per this Notice’s description.

Your health information rights.

You are permitted to certain rights regarding the health information Columbus Lasik Vision have about you;

Right to inspect, copy and ask questions

your request must be submitted in writing to the Columbus Lasik Vision. In certain limited circumstances, we may not approve your request. In this case, you may request a review of the denial. Another licensed professional from Columbus Lasik Vision will then review your request, and we will abide by the outcome of the review.

Right to request amends

If you feel your health information is not correct, you have a right to request us to change it. This request is only viable provided that the data is kept by Columbus Lasik vision.
The request should be submitted in writing, providing grounds for your request. We have the right to oppose your amendment request if it does not have a reason to back it. The request may be denied if;

  • The information requested to be changed was not generated by us
  • It is not part of the medical data you are permitted to inspect and copy
  • The information asked to amend is complete and accurate

you may write a disagreement statement if your request is not approved. The statement of disagreement is going to be kept in your medical records and will be included in any of your released records.

Right to ask as to restrict certain uses and disclosures

You are permitted to ask us to put restrictions on certain medical information. You can also request to limit the amount of data disclosed to parties involved in your care, like family members.

Unless you have made the service payment in full by yourself, Columbus Lasik Vision is not permitted to agree to your limitation request.

This appeal must be delivered in writing to the Administration Department at Columbus Lasik Vision. Your request must clearly state;

  •  The particulars you want us to limit
  • The person you would like the information to be limited to

Right to Notification of Breach

In case of your medical information violation, it is our duty to inform you in writing without unreasonable delay.

Request to confidential communications

You have a right to appeal that your medical information is delivered to you by a certain confidential means of communication or at a specific location. The request should be made to the privacy officer in writing. Questions regarding the reason for your request will not be asked. We will accommodate all reasonable requests.

Our Responsibilities

The law requires us to;

  • Protect your private health information
  • Give you a copy of this Notice
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions of this Notice.
  • Notify you of any breach in your private medical information

Ways in which the law permits us to use or disclose your health information

According to the law, we are allowed to use or disclose your health information under certain circumstances without your consent. some of the ways we are permitted to use or disclose your health information without your consent include;

For Treatment

We may use and disclose your medical information by law to provide you alternative treatments that may interest you or other health-related services. Data collected by our healthcare team will be used to assist in deciding the right care for you. In addition, we provide this information to other health care providers outside our practice for referral purposes.

For Payment

The law allows us to use and disclose health information about you when requesting payment from your health care insurance plan. To make the payments, the health insurance plans require your medical care information from us.

Also, the health information is used to inform your health plan insurance about a certain treatment prior to receiving it to get approval for whether they will cover the treatment.

Operations in Healthcare

We are allowed by law to use and disclose health information about you to assess the quality of our healthcare services and improve them. The information may also be used to review our healthcare providers’ qualifications and train our personnel.

To track Appointments

We use and disclose health information to track your appointments and contact you to remind you that you have a treatment appointment at Columbus Lasik Vision on a specific date.

Notification of family

We are permitted to disclose your health information to the family members taking part in your care. We may also notify your family that you are in our care and the state of your condition.


Suppose an institutional review board has approved research, and policies to protect your health information privacy have been put in place. In that case, we are allowed to use and disclose your health information. Your data may also be disclosed to researchers conducting a project that requires patients with certain medical needs as long as the review does not leave Columbus Lasik Vision.

Organ-procurement organizations

We are allowed to disclose your health information in accordance with applicable law to organ-procurement organizations.

As Required by Law

In accordance with the law, we are permitted to disclose your health information to the federal, state, or local law upon their request.

The safety and health of the public

The law allows us to use and disclose your health information to avert serious threats that may affect the health safety of you and the public. However, this disclosure is to be made only to someone with the capability of averting the threat.

Coroners, Funeral Directors and Medical Examiners

In accordance with laws applicable to the coroners, funeral directors, and medical examiners in conducting their duties, we are allowed to disclose your protected health information.

Amendments to this Notice

We retain the right to amend the terms and privacy employed in this Notice. A notice of the amends will be provided by posting an information on our website.


If you would like to report a problem or ask for more information, contact us via or deliver your complaint in writing at one of our institutions.