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What is PRK Eye Surgery?

Are you looking for PRK Eye Surgery? Your search ends here. Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is an eye surgery that corrects the cornea's shape with a laser. It is the most effective vision correction procedure to treat the following conditions: Myopia (nearsightedness) Hyperopia (farsightedness) Astigmatism (an irregular eye shape that causes

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Using HSA and FSA to Pay for Lasik Eye Surgery

Getting a laser vision correction procedure such as LASIK is not a rash decision to make, neither medically nor financially. However, with some smart choices and taking advantage of your financial account access, you can make the burden more cushiony for yourself. If you have access to a Health Savings

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Should You Consider LASIK As Medical Tourism?

Travel medicine is picking up more and more momentum day by day. Many patients are looking to combine their treatments with vacations. The rise of medical tourism is primarily due to two reasons – cost-effectiveness and availability of top-notch technology. One of the most common treatments in medical tourism is

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Regular Eye Checkups – Protects Your Vision for Long Term

Caring for your eyes is not just making sure your vision is perfect and not blurry. There is much more to a good eye exam that explains your overall Health and wellness. This article will discuss some of the reasons you should have a regular and detailed eye checkup annually.

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