Traditional Lasik
$999 PER EYE

Wavefront Lasik
$1499 PER EYE

One SINGLE Price for ALL Prescriptions!

We offer one of the finest surgeons and most advanced laser technologies at an affordable price. We are 50% to 60% more affordable than other LASIK centers at $5000 to $6000. All of our pricing INCLUDES your initial consultation, procedure, exams, and enhancements within the first year. There are no hidden costs or fees. We also offer one price for all prescriptions unlike other LASIK centers that have multiple prices based upon your prescription starting at $299 per eye.

Without these extra expenses we make LASIK affordable!

Thousands of patients have chosen Columbus LASIK Vision because of our generous discounts, all-inclusive pricing, and flexible financing options. In addition, we can assist you with a payment plan that works within your budget for any additional services you wish to have performed with us.

Our highly skilled medical professionals and helpful administrative staff will review your insurance plan to ensure you receive 100% of the coverage your plan offers.