Who is a Lasik Candidate?

Just like any procedure, Lasik requires a person to be in relatively good health before the treatment. Who qualifies for the treatment? Keep reading, and we will give you the details.

What makes a good Lasik

Lasik Benefits You Didn’t Know About  

Anything you know little about can be scary. Lasik is no different. Here are a few things you may or may not realize about the perks of Lasik.

Little-known Lasik benefits

Faster morning routines
You can get ready for

Questions You Should Ask a Lasik Surgeon

Before you undergo permanent laser vision treatment, you will do plenty of research. Knowing the answers to decisive questions will help you feel comfortable. Your choice affects you for the rest of your life. Here

QualSight LASIK provider discount

QualSight Offers the Best LASIK Prices

QualSight is committed to providing members (BlueCross BlueShield, Humana, Davis Vision, Superior Vision, Avesis, Advantica, Harvard Pilgrim, United Airlines, Lowes, Sysco, etc.) the best LASIK prices.

QualSight, Inc. administers LASIK

Special Lasik Pricing for Firefighters

Columbus Lasik Vision proudly supports the local Firefighting community by offering special Lasik services to members and their families at $749/eye. We have provided this benefit previously to members of the iaff local 22 … ppfa … and other local organizations thru out