Is it becoming more difficult for you to concentrate on the words written on a page? Do you get headaches after reading for lengthy stretches of time? If this is the case, your eyes may be beginning to show signs of aging, and you’re losing your reading vision. LASIK Eye Procedure can help with this.

Over time, the muscles in the eyes weaken, making it difficult to focus at close ranges. Presbyopia is the medical term for this condition. It’s a refractive condition caused by aging that produces a lack of concentration up close. The lens in your eye becomes less flexible, which generally means you will need reading glasses.

Modern LASIK eye procedure will correct presbyopia-related reading vision issues using a procedure known as monovision, in which the LASIK surgeon completely corrects the refractive errors in one eye while leaving the other slightly nearsighted. As a result, the completely adjusted eye sees distant objects clearly, while the nearsighted eye has clearer near vision without the need for reading glasses.
What are some of the signs and symptoms of presbyopia?

People with presbyopia experience a variety of symptoms.

• Focusing on items in the immediate vicinity is difficult.
• When reading or doing close-up work, you can experience headaches or eye pain.
• When you concentrate over long periods of time, you get tired.
• Using lighter or more intense lighting
• To properly concentrate on books, cell phones, and other reading materials, you must keep them at arm’s length.

What can be done to enhance reading vision?

Reading glasses, that are designed to assist the lens focus at short distances, are one of the most popular solutions for people with reading vision issues. However, reading glasses are inconvenient since they are only appropriate for short distances. Some people wear them around their necks on a chain so that they can quickly access them. However, continually putting them on and off just to read a menu or a post in the newspaper can be inconvenient.

Accidentally breaking them or having to put them on and off while working irritates those who rely on them. Some people despise the way reading glasses look and stop wearing them for aesthetic purposes. If you live an active lifestyle and want to keep your youthfulness, then you may want to think about other presbyopia treatment choices. This is where LASIK eye procedure comes into play.

For correcting reading vision, LASIK surgery has a very high success rate. Your surgeon will make changes to your cornea with a precision laser to correct any visual impairments you might have. Your surgeon will be able to decide whether you are a candidate for laser eye surgery and will prescribe the best treatment choice for you based on your circumstances.

We offer a wide variety of LASIK eye procedure options at Columbus LASIK Vision, and we are dedicated to engaging with each patient to find the care choice that is best for their budget and requirements. Come in for a consultation to discuss your options if you’re having trouble with your reading vision or finding that your dependence on reading glasses is becoming an issue.

About Dr. Columbus

Dr. Bill, as he is affectionately known, is the founder and surgical director at Columbus LASIK Vision. He received his Bachelor’s Degree at Scranton University and his medical degree at Penn State University Medical Center where he also performed his internal medicine internship. He then spent three years at Nassau County Medical Center training in Ophthalmology. Shortly after finishing at Nassau county, he began his cornea and refractive fellowship at the prestigious Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan. Dr. Columbus has demonstrated his commitment to excellence with over 25,000 corrective eye procedures.