Our eyes are one of the senses, which helps us to see the world and the object around us. For some reason, abnormalities develop on the way of clear vision, known as vision impairment.

The loss of clear vision or feel blurry is a symptom of vision impairment.

The most common types of vision problems are related to abnormalities in refraction. The light of the object focused on the retina, which is transmitted to the brain for image development. Abnormalities development in the whole process of imaging creates four main vision impairments.

All these four vision impairments can be treated by our LASIK expert at Columbus Lasik Vision, get care with advanced Lasik eye procedure.

Nearsightedness or Myopia: Feel annoying and blurry vision while seeing the object at a distance. It is called Myopia as well. Some of them experience good vision at the close. In this case size of the eyeball increased, which cause the vision problem. It can be correct with LASIK.

Farsightedness or Hyperopia: It is opposite to nearsightedness. When you feel annoying and blurry while seeing the objects at the close, it is called hyperopia. In this case size of the eyeball decreased from the normal size, which causes the vision problem.

Astigmatism: Development of curvature shaped on cornea or lens, which leads to blurry vision, Called Astigmatism. Eye fatigue, Strain from squinting, and headache could be other symptoms of Astigmatism.

Most people having some degree of Astigmatism. Only in few cases, it is required to correct.

Presbyopia or Aging Eyes: After the 40s, the eyes’ lens or cornea gradually loses the natural flexibility, which turns the vision blurry at a close distance. In this situation, printing matters on your palm looks harder for clear vision. It is known as Presbyopia.

Definition and Criteria for the vision impairment as per W.H.O guidelines.

Distance vision impairment:

Generally, vision impairment can be correct temporarily by refracting light rays with glasses or contact lenses. But permanently reshaping the cornea or natural lens (the ball-shaped transparent area at the front of your eye) itself is able to provide clear vision.

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