Is Lasik covered by FSA? A lot of people ask this question. At Columbus Lasik Vision, we provide access to a diverse range of ways people can get Lasik eye surgery. FSA is one of the many options we recommend for people whose insurance does not pay for the procedure.

Flexible spending account covers Lasik

Some employers offer FSA, or flexible spending accounts for employees. These plans require the person to choose how much money they want to take out of their check each week to go into the plan. The money is useful for many elective medical procedures and for getting equipment like contacts or eyeglasses. People who cannot pay upfront for Lasik may allot money to the fund until there is enough to pay for the procedure.

Benefits for individuals when FSA covers Lasik

  • There are no taxes on funds in flexible spending accounts
  • This money comes out of paychecks a little at a time over the entire year
  • One buy-in day per year unless someone has a spouse who needs coverage
  • The more money you earn, the more savings you can get on these funds
  • Employers may contribute to the account or match employee payments
  • Your income taxes are lower at the end of the year
  • May save thousands of dollars per year on expenses like Lasik

A couple of things to remember. People cannot change the amount they want to pay into the account except for one day a year. Although, there are a few exceptions. Employers do not have to offer FSA.

If you have questions concerning your FSA funds and Lasik, please give one of our friendly care specialists at Columbus Lasik Vision a call at 1-866-600-3937. We are pleased to help you find other forms of financing if your employer does not offer this benefit.



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