You may question is getting Lasik worth it? Many people consider this point and weigh their options. Taking the step to get a consultation for the necessary eye measurements to see if you are a candidate is a big deal for some individuals. Maybe hearing what some of our clients say will help.

Do you feel getting Lasik is worth it?

Answerers on Quora say financially and emotionally, yes. They are happy they had the surgery. They say Lasik pays for itself. They also feel the payment options are a huge benefit, allowing many people to get the procedure at an affordable rate.

A writer on Business Insider talks about his journey through Lasik. It was rewarding for him to have the surgery. He said it was not painful, and it was much faster than he expected.

People on Reddit say they would have Lasik again. They say it was the best gift they could give themselves. They wonder why it took them so long to make the decision.

Benefits of Lasik procedures

  • Possibly fewer allergy symptoms
  • Better, clearer vision with more available sightlines
  • A fast procedure that takes a few minutes of time
  • Heals quickly
  • Extremely safe
  • Low rate of complications
  • More freedom to work jobs requiring exceptional vision
  • No more glasses or contacts to irritate, cost money, and break
  • Fewer headaches

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About Dr. Columbus

Dr. Bill, as he is affectionately known, is the founder and surgical director at Columbus LASIK Vision. He received his Bachelor’s Degree at Scranton University and his medical degree at Penn State University Medical Center where he also performed his internal medicine internship. He then spent three years at Nassau County Medical Center training in Ophthalmology. Shortly after finishing at Nassau county, he began his cornea and refractive fellowship at the prestigious Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan. Dr. Columbus has demonstrated his commitment to excellence with over 25,000 corrective eye procedures.