Whether you are considering Lasik, or you are ready to book an appointment, you are sure to have questions. What happens during the procedure? What should you stop doing before your visit? What does Lasik feel like? How much will it cost for Lasik? All these things are important to find out, along with how many procedures your Lasik specialist performs, who recommends them, and business affiliations.

How to prepare for your visit to a Lasik provider
If you wear contact lenses, then you will want to refrain from using hard contacts for three weeks before your visit. For soft lenses, you can stop using those for about a week. Writing a list of health conditions, medications, and goals can help. Any concerns or questions should also go on your list.

Researching the specialist and checking their credentials is imperative. You can look at Better Business Bureau listings, see where the provider got their medical license and education, and check patient testimonials. It is best to go without makeup and bring a pair of sunglasses for your exam.

What to expect during your Lasik consultation
During your consultation, you will get a thorough eye exam. This may include dilation. If so, then you will need sunglasses and some time to rest after your visit. Your provider will look closely at the eyes and measure several things, including the thickness of the cornea. You will get information about payment options and talk about the all-inclusive pricing at Columbus Lasik Vision.

What to do after between the consultation and your procedure

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Stay hydrated
  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses or safety lenses
  • Read about your procedure
  • Relax
  • Refrain from using contacts for three weeks before your procedure

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