Since its inception in 2001, Lasik has been one of the most popular elective procedures but what hinders the people most going for LASIK is its invasive techniques to cut a flap into the cornea. We discussed LASIK anxiety and why one doesn’t have to fear LASIK in our previous articles.
With the latest Advancement in vision correction procedures, you do have an option to go for a Bladeless LASIK surgery, which is an entirely bladeless noninvasive procedure. Please note that your surgeon will suggest you the best suitable procedure after a thorough eye exam!
So, If you live in or around Philadelphia and looking for information over Bladeless LASIK, then this is something you must read.

What is Bladeless LASIK?

In Bladeless LASIK, such as the PRK procedure, the surgeon removes the corneal surface cells rather than creating a FLAP, and then a laser is used to reshape the cornea.
What are the types of Bladeless LASIK procedures available in Philadelphia?
Different centers offer various bladeless LASIK Procedure in Philadelphia; the following are the most popular bladeless procedures:


This one is the first Bladeless LASIK Procedure approved by FDA back in 2001.


This procedure is also known as Ziemer Femto LDV, approved by FDA in March 2008.


Another FDA approved bladeless LASIK procedure, approved in 2007.


Approved by FA in 2007, the procedure uses the femtosecond laser and can be combined with an approved excimer laser system for bladeless LASIK procedures.


PRK is a cutless non-invasive surgery working on the outside surface of the cornea thereby having a 0% complication rate during surgery.

Contoura Vision

CONTOURA® Vision is the latest FDA approved Bladeless LASIK technology available in the U.S for laser vision correction.

What are the benefits of Bladeless LASIK?

• Since no blade is use the procedure is very safe, there is minimum chances of any complication and minimum changes of occurring any damage to the tissue.
• Better corneal flap quality, because of the user of Laser to create corneal flap.
• Rare chances of having dry eyes a common discomfort after LASIK.
Bladeless LASIK has better outcomes and gives you a shaper vision compared to other LASIK Procedures.
• The process takes less time than conventional LASIK.
• Recovery is quick, most people go back to their daily routine in 24 hours.

How Columbus LASIK Vision Can Help if You are in Philadelphia?

We offer PRK Procedure and Contoura Vision Bladeless LASIK procedures, which employs the most advanced, cut less and painless vision correction techniques. The procedures with us are 50% more affordable, and we accept Flexible Spending as well.
We are the largest LASIK center in Eastern PA and have 3 convenient locations in Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre and Philadelphia-Trevose.
If you’re thinking of undergoing LASIK to get perfect vision and get rid of Glasses or Contact lenses, do not hesitate to consult. We will help you find out which LASIK procedure is the best suitable for you and guide you in detail about the pre-and post-surgery cautions.

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About Dr. Columbus

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