At our Harrisburg / Philadelphia PA offices we offer the latest and newest technologies to correct many different prescriptions. A very common type of prescription many of our Philadelphia / Harrisburg patients have is farsightedness or hyperopia. In eary life, most people see clearly for distance as well as near. Some of our Harrisburg / Philadelphia patients however start to become blurry for distance initially in their early thirties and then progresss to a blur for near as well in their early forties. At this time most of our Harrisburg / Philadelphia PA patients are dependent on bifocals to see ALL the ranges of vision from far to near. Most of our Harrisburg / Philadelphia PA patients are frustrated with the usage of glasses fulltime versus when they had their freedom and independence from glasses earlier in their lives.
Now thanks to Dr. Columbus our surgeon, some of his farsightedness patients from Philadelphia / Harrisburg PA can ENJOY that FREEDOM they had once before without glasses! With laser vision correction, Dr. Columbus will reshape one’s eyes to a new curvature so they can see clearly again. With farsightedness specifically the curvature of the cornea for our Philadelphia / Harrisburg PA patients is steepened as if like a “mountain PEAK” to create new vision for all his patients. Unlike nearsightedness patients whose eyes are flattened and usually need reading glasses after LASIK, a certain percentage of our Harrisburg / Philadelphia PA patients will get a READING EFFECT where they are INDEPENDENT FROM READING GLASSES unlike a nearsighted patient having LASIK! The reason for this to occur in farsighted patients of ours from Philadelphia / Harrisburg PA patients, is due to the reshapings “hyperprolate effect” where the steepening acts almost like a “PROGRESSIVE LENS” where all the ranges for distance Intermediate & near are very clear for most of our farsighted patients. Our farsighted patients can now enjoy theier nely found freedom from glasses as before when they were younger thanks to our surgeon Dr. Columbus.
If you are from the Harrisburg / Philadelphia area and are farsighted like so many thousands of our patients from your region, feel free to call us 1-866-600-3937 to schedule a consultation or apply online. Its that SIMPLE!

About Dr. Columbus

Dr. Bill, as he is affectionately known, is the founder and surgical director at Columbus LASIK Vision. He received his Bachelor’s Degree at Scranton University and his medical degree at Penn State University Medical Center where he also performed his internal medicine internship. He then spent three years at Nassau County Medical Center training in Ophthalmology. Shortly after finishing at Nassau county, he began his cornea and refractive fellowship at the prestigious Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan. Dr. Columbus has demonstrated his commitment to excellence with over 25,000 corrective eye procedures.